Hey folks, just a quick heads-up regarding our Sundance coverage. The Cinematical crew (Erik Davis, Scott Weinberg, James Rocchi and Eric D. Snider) are on the ground now in Park City, picking up badges, planning our schedules, searching for parties housing free food, etc ... Over the next 10 days, here's a little taste of what you should expect from our team:

  • Reviews -- As always, our expert team of film nuts will bring you a whole bunch of reviews (most of which will be full-length) of films screening here at Sundance. We'll also throw in a few themed dispatches with shorter reviews for multiple flicks.
  • Interview Series -- Once again, we'll be bringing you a series of interviews in a variety of formats. We've lined up a series of fantastic audio interviews (with folks like John Krasinski, Paul Giamatti, Patton Oswalt and Antoine Fuqua, among others), and I'll also be running around with a little Flip camera; crashing parties, piecing together on-the-spot interviews with whatever celeb/filmmaker crosses my path.
  • Sundance in 60 Seconds -- Every night of the festival, Cinematical's Peter Martin will provide a round-up of not only highlights from our coverage, but also tap into what other people are saying about the fest.
  • Sundance Movie Posters, Trailers, Images and Clips -- Look for a whole bunch of Sundance movie posters, images, trailers and clips (some of which are exclusives) to sporadically pop up on the site each day.
  • Twitter -- Myself (http://twitter.com/erikdavis), James Rocchi (http://twitter.com/jamesrocchi) and Eric D. Snider (http://twitter.com/ericdsnider) are all on Twitter and will be throwing up short bursts of brilliance throughout the fest. So feel free to follow our daily adventures over there as well.
  • Moviefone -- Our main Sundance hub has gone live over at Moviefone, where you'll not only be able to check out all our shenanigans, but also coverage from our cool cousins over at indieWIRE, as well as tons of Sundance photos and more. So bookmark this page for constant Sundance updates.
Other than that, the rest of our crew will remain at home, pumping out non Sundance-related posts keeping you up to date on all the goings-on in the movie world. So dive in, have fun and let us know if you have any questions!