Back in April of 2007, Girls Rock! premiered at Toronto's Hot Docs Film Festival. I was fortunate enough to be at that screening and was blown away -- not because it was a shocking, gut-wrenching film that tugs at your emotions or a perfect example of cinema, but because, like the title suggests, it was about girls rocking. And it reveled in it. These girls had problems, which we got to witness, but they also had crazy strength and wonderful energy. They were the sort that I hoped would bring a new era to girl-centric cinema.

Unfortunately, that hasn't come quite yet. (I hold out hope!) But finally -- you can check out the trailer above, and see the film for yourself on DVD when the film hits shelves on January 27. The documentary, which follows girls attending The Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls, shows how kids from 8-18 learn how to write songs, play guitars, and rock in just one week. One week! The girls rock -- both in the music they create and the strength they possess, so check it out!