The appearance of Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell in Iron Man 2 was hardly in doubt -- but just in case you needed it from the horse's mouth, MTV got it ... from Rockwell, anyway. Once in talks to play Tony Stark (and watched real-life girlfriend Leslie Bibb bed him as investigative reporter Christine Everheart), Rockwell was more than happy to accept the part of a man who will try to destroy him: Justin Hammer.

"Yeah, he's a rival. He takes over all the weapons stuff after Tony's left. I don't know if he takes over Stark Industries. I'm not really sure yet. He's a money dude. That's about all I can say ... They were like, we don't have a script but this is the deal and this is the character." Rockwell estimates filming will begin in L.A. come April, which means we'll start seeing the really cool stuff (photos!) this summer.

It's a random, unsubstantiated wish -- but I'm hoping Justin Hammer's appearance means that Jon Favreau is weaving in the famous Demon in a Bottle storyline. The machinations of Hammer only helped push Stark to seek out more of that sweet, sweet alcohol. Considering Stark will have three villains (one of whom will undoubtedly be a redheaded Russian love interest ), it seems as good of time as any to push him off the wagon, don't you think?
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