Yesterday I shared the news that Roland "Irwin Allen Part 2" Emmerich had been tapped to direct an adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Foundation. Near the end of the article I opined that either Ridley Scott or Peter Berg would have been my choice to direct this film. Now, obviously the man who directed A L I E N and Blade Runner would be a great choice for an Asimov adaptation, but Peter Berg? Did I actually THINK about that choice? Readers didn't seem to think so:

"Peter Berg? Are you smoking crack?" / "Berg has done NOTHING good, so I can't see the reasoning/logic behind that choice AT ALL." / "How do you go from Sir Scott to Peter Berg?" / "Peter Berg? F off."

So yeah. Obviously I have no problem with people disagreeing with me, but here's the thing: In my opinion, Peter Berg has yet to make a sub-par film. Yep, seriously. Very Bad Things? Love the audacity. The Rundown? A perfect weekend time-waster. Friday Night Lights? One of the most unexpectedly fine football flicks I've ever seen. The Kingdom? Plain old excellent. Hancock? Well, I simply loved it.

So yeah: I'll stick to that request. Sure, Berg has yet to do a sci-fi flick, but I bet he'd do a fine job of it. Feel free to abuse me further. I can take it.
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