Get sick for a few days and your sense of news goes out the window. I read this on Collider, thought "Wow!" and then reread it everywhere else before my memory was jogged to remember to share it with you fine people. I apologize. Blame the fever.

So, according to Collider, there are extensive reshoots happening onX-Men Origins: Wolverine. (Which explains why Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber are still sporting muttonchops in public.) Fox is actually very proud of these reshoots and might even invite a bunch of journalists to come and cover them in order to show that they're truly working their asses off for a cool Wolverine movie, and to prove they've smoothed things over with director Gavin Hood. Hood is helming all reshoots, and the rumors are that he's finally getting to realize his version of the movie. Rumors have been rampant that Fox interfered with Hood's dark and gritty plans, even to the petty point of repainting sets when he wasn't around.

As Collider sagely points out, Fox is desperately in need of a blockbuster and some really good press. They've been the geek whipping studio for years, and the Watchmen legal battle didn't help. That's not even factoring in their horrible reputation within the industry for making directors miserable, and running off talent. Wolverine could just be the first step at turning all of that around ... and would be the perfect movie to spend some of that Watchmen money on. Do whatever you have to, Fox -- but do right by my Canadian badass so that I can sing your praises for years to come.
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