James did a fine job of breaking down Duncan Jones' new Moon, but I'd feel like a jerk if I didn't also mention how much I enjoyed it. A true-blue, full-bore science fiction film, Moon is packed with cool concepts and nifty execution, but what I keep remembering is how stellar Sam Rockwell is in an extremely multi-dimensional performance. General buzz out here is that Moon is a winner, and you can expect more info on this fine flick once we learn, for example, who's going to be releasing it.

Later in the evening I headed over to a public screening of Grace at The Egyptian, which was preceded by a freaky-fine short film called Rite. Turns out that the short and the feature sort of complement one another quite well ... but here's some "festival buzz" you simply can't buy: Once Grace had ended and the floor was opened for Q&A participants, one of the festival volunteers raised his hand and offered the following information: "Must have been a good movie because we had TWO people faint during the screening!" But what would make one faint? Well, Grace is about a new mother whose baby is ... well, sort of undead. Master Snider will be reviewing Grace for this very blog, but you can catch my early thoughts over at FEARnet.

I clear out the horror file today with The Killing Room and Dead Snow, but of course I'll be back to cover some comedies, dramas, and docos soon enough. I just can't help seeing the spooky stuff first!