I'm not really a dog person, myself. I prefer cats. I like cats that sleep a lot and purr and occasionally do something adorable, like trying to rip your arm off. However, I did like most of the dogs in Hotel for Dogs, especially the lead canine character, Friday the fluffy white mutt. For the most part, these dogs don't have human qualities forced upon them but are funny and sweet in a naturally canine fashion, and they run circles around the human characters in more than one way.

Friday is owned by two children, Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin). The kids have been traveling from foster home to foster home since their parents died, and apparently foster parents are all mean cusses who don't allow pets, so they've been hiding poor Friday in the woods and backyards and alleys and such for three years. Friday nearly ends up in the hands of Animal Control, and as we well know from movies and TV, anyone associated with the pound is evil and sadistic. So the little dog ends up taking matters into his own, er, paws (I hate writing phrases like that) and finds his own family -- two strays who live in an abandoned hotel. One thing leads to another, and suddenly Andi and Bruce realize that there's plenty of room in this once-fancy hotel that no one seems to care about for a lot of dogs that no one else seems to care about, either.
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