Scott Pilgrim Vs The World continues to pick up casting speed -- and the characters seem to just come in pairs. According to Empire, newcomer Ellen Wong has signed to play Knives Chau. Chau is a 17 year old Chinese-Canadian schoolgirl who dated our title hero, but was dumped for the beautiful and perfect Ramona Flowers. She continues to hang out with our hero and carries a flame for him. (Edgar Wright's MySpace has a flirty photo of Wong for those curious to see how she matches up with Knives.)

And that's not all! According to Ain't It Cool News, Chris Evans has signed to play Lucas Lee, skateboarder, movie star, and evil ex of Ramona Flowers. He's just one of seven boyfriends Pilgrim must defeat in order to win Ramona -- and is there anyone better for that part than Johnny Storm? Sunshine proved he wasn't just a pretty boy, and what better way to earn some major geek cred by sending that up in Scott Pilgrim?

So far, Wright hasn't hit a poor note when it comes to the casting -- Michael Cera has been the only unpopular choice to date, and I think fans are coming around after Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. (It could just be the ebb and flow of fandom, though.) Isn't it nice to live in an era where even the offbeat (i.e. not Marvel or DC) properties are getting such TLC?

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