Normally, I wouldn't care that Sony pushed back its release of the seemingly unremarkable rom-com The Ugly Truth almost four months, except that the new date -- July 24th -- lands just a week before Judd Apatow's demographic-sharing Funny People opens.

Despite all evidence to the contrary in the only available trailer, it seems that this Katherine Heigl-Gerard Butler R-rated battle of the sexes might just have what it takes to succeed in the late-summer bawdy-comedy domain made popular by Step Brothers last year, Clerks II in 2006 and Wedding Crashers in 2005, instead of the relative safe bet that is the first week in April.

Now it's only a matter of time before the studio drops a red-band trailer that may or may not have me thinking this might actually be funny, and if ever there was a studio that knew how to embrace restricted promotional materials, it's this one.

What say you guys (and girls)? Has this looked appealing to you to begin with? Are either Heigl or Butler effective draws alone, let alone together? And will this movie have what it takes to sway you from simply buying a ticket to G-Force instead?
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