Cher hasn't been seen on the big screen since her brilliantly self-effacing cameo as herself in the underrated Stuck On You. This is a shame, because despite being the butt of many jokes, Cher is actually kind of awesome. She just has that intangible aura of cool -- which may seem like a strange thing to say about someone who dresses like this, but what are you gonna do. The rumors that Cher was going to play Catwoman in Christopher Nolan's third Batman film were stupid as a factual matter, but it was by no means a bad idea.

Well, Cher is finally returning to the big screen, co-starring, for better or worse, with Johnny Knoxville -- which has already prompted the ever-so-clever staff at The Hollywood Reporter to ask if you've heard "the one about the Cougar and the Jackass." (No, I haven't -- what's the one about the Cougar and the Jackass?) If the movie -- called Drop-Out -- goes into production any time soon, Cher will actually be playing right at her age, as a 62-year old woman who takes in a lazy, unemployed couch potato played by Knoxville. The movie will be written and directed by Ricky Blitt, who wrote Knoxville's The Ringer. Which was awful. Then again, it suffered from a distinct lack of Cher.

So yeah: Cher's back, bitches! Spread the word.

(P.S. Everyone's at Sundance, and I'm bored.)
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