The last we heard about the webbed wonder, Eugene Novikov posted that the Pulitzer Prize-winning David Lindsay-Abaire (pen behind Robots and Inkheart) was getting ready to take his stab at Spider-Man 4. Now MTV reports that the film will start shooting in 2010 -- so, at the very least, another year from now.

It seems that they ran into J.K. Simmons at Sundance, and he said that he'll continue his gig as J. Jonah Jameson in the next instalment, and that he "saw Sam [Raimi] at his Christmas party." I guess that statement is referring to how he found himself involved in the film -- unless Spidey takes on Santa in number 4? Red v. Red, the final showdown?

Considering this news, it certainly seems like the planned May 2011 release can happen, which will mean that each Spidey instalment adds a year (two years between 1 and 2, and three years between 2 and 3). Now, four years is a really long time, so I wonder if there will be a reboot of sorts -- not exactly throwing out the storyline and going wild and fresh a la Batman, but finding a fresh spin to win back the disappointed fans after the last outing. Letting the dust settle before moving on could help, but on the flip side -- will it be too much time to wait? Do you think a four-year hiatus will be the thing to bring Spider-Man back to form, or will no one be lured to the web come 2011?
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