By now, we're all used to potential cinema disappointments. The Internet makes it ridiculously easy to learn about projects as they happen, but it also means getting excited for features that drown in development hell. For a while, Terry Gilliam'sDon Quixote was one of those doomed projects. (You can follow some of the struggle right here.) Now, it's happening? It's really, really happening?

Empire reports that Gilliam has started prepping a new script for The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, after finally getting the rights back. Partner Tony Grisoni said: "I re-read the greatest script ever written and realize we gotta get rewriting! I really wanna knock that one out in the next month or so." But it won't just be some script polishing -- Gilliam says that he has "some very different ideas" for the film, and that this whole, almost decade-long mess could be a blessing: "[I'm] starting to think I was lucky, because maybe the film will be better seven years later. It will have matured a bit longer."

I'm not sure how "seven" fits in to a production that dates back to 2000, but regardless, this is excellent news topped off with the fact that he wants to get shooting later this year. Finally, after all this time, the famous Spaniard will get his moment to shine, and it looks like patience will be a wonderful virtue.
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