What is the only thing that could possibly follow the end of a tension-inducing lawsuit? A new, fiery trailer of course. The folks at Trailer Addict threw up the new Watchmen TV Spot, which you can check out above.

The time of Billy Corgan tunes and methodical trailers has come to an end. This spot is like a visual release of the tension that has been building these months -- beat-filled music, quick cuts of violence, and insistent yellow text. There are a few new nibblets to chew on, but mainly, this is just a perfect visual representation of our anxiety. We've waited long enough. It's time to watch the Watchmen! There's only so much we can take! Just 45 days left. Gah, that still seems to far away.

Additionally, the folder on that New Frontiersman site has finally opened up, revealing more than a few goodies. Go check it out over here.