Edgar Wright's upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a veritable puupuu platter of young talent. Some are super-recognizable -- like Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Evans, and Kieran Culkin. And some are new Canadian talent thrown into the mix, like Ellen Wong. Since Mr. Pilgrim is a Canadian slacker and ex-boyfriend-slayer, we're getting a little more maple leaf talent, more recognizable faces, and a superhero to boot.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Brandon Routh has signed on to play Ramona's evil ex #3, Todd Ingram -- the rocker with vegan psychic powers, and Brie Larson (who is currently playing the struggling daughter in United States of Tara) will play Pilgrim's ex, Envy Adams. But that's only the beginning. Alison Pill (who kicked butt in Dear Wendy, and more recently served under Milk) will play the drummer in Pilgrim's band, while her Wendy co-star Mark Webber will play Stephen Stills, another bandmate. But that's not even the best reunion.

Ann Veal strikes again! Oh yes -- Mae Whitman, who played George Michael's crazy paramour on Arrested Development will play ex #4 -- the half-ninja Roxy Richter. And wrapping up the pack --- Anna Kendrick will play Pilgrim's sister, Johnny Simmons will play Young Neil, and Satya Bhabha will play "an ex-boyfriend who can summon demon hipster girls at will."

I wonder if other Can-con will follow ... Maybe some swashbuckling with Violet Miranda, or activism with Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask? Either way, I'm sold on Pilgrim. How about you?
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