Not too terribly long after Sony Pictures decided to shuffle rom-com The Ugly Truth back a couple of months from April to July, we get word from the Hollywood Reporter that they've opted to similarly relocate disaster flick 2012 from its July date to a mid-November spot. Were Roland Emmerich and his tidal waves scared off by Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl's opposites-attract antics?

No, probably not, but while Sony insists that the film could've been completed as originally scheduled, they're willing to capitalize on the weekend that served their Bond franchise so well in its past two outings. (Hey, who wouldn't kill to have four more months of post-production on their effects-heavy film?) One's willing to interpret the dual moves as the studio's efforts at making the most of a slate left light by that writer's strike a while back, just as Warner Brothers had by moving back Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from last November to this July.

Starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet, and Oliver Platt -- it's a Martian Child reunion, y'all! -- 2012 is now scheduled to open on November 13th (until it gets moved back once more to the actual year of 2012, in what may either turn out to be the best or worst marketing move of all time).
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