You probably wouldn't expect a fine art biopic from the gal best known as the bad girl on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but stranger things have happened at Sundance. Eliza Dushku (star of Joss Whedon's upcoming series, Dollhouse) recently announced to E! online that she would be co-producing a biopic of the acclaimed photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe. Dushku tells E, "Literally this week after quite some time, we finalized the deal with the Mapplethorpe estate,"

Mapplethorpe earned fame in the 1970's when his portraits of his socialite friends earned the notice of the New York 'scene' -- some of you might even have some of his art and don't even know it; that is if you own a copy of Patti Smith's debut album. But for most of us the name of Mapplethorpe probably brings to mind his controversial later works. In the early 90's there was no more contested artist than Mapplethorpe, he was known for his large-scale, highly stylized black and white portraits, photos of flowers and naked men -- and let's just say his nudes weren't for the 'faint of heart'. His work was a lightening rod for the debate on public funding for the arts and when Mapplethorpe displayed sexually explicit photographs that were supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, it caused an outcry over what exactly our tax dollars are supporting.

Dushku has already made a few in-roads to big-screen stardom, and some have been more successful than others. Maybe she has found her stride as a producer, and so like any good producer she already has her star in mind. The actress confirmed that her brother Nate would be playing the renowned photog. Dushku told E, "Nate physically has an uncanny resemblance to Robert, some pictures are really eerie" -- proving once again that in Hollywood, it really is who you know.