First, a disclaimer: I may have studied Anglo-Saxon poetry until I could recite Beowulf in my sleep, but I've never been able to adopt their habit of boasting about one's accomplishments. The reason I'm posting this is because the inauguration left us without a lot of news, because Slashfilm is our friend, and because this is what I was doing instead of writing a Geek Beat on Monday ... not that you were wondering, I'm sure.

Following in the /Filmcast podcast steps of Erik Davis, Scott Weinberg and William Goss is nothing short of daunting -- but when David Chen asked me to come on his podcast and try to defend Gran Torino, I decided I would give it my best shot. And if you look at Clint Eastwood's face to your right, you'll see that he wishes that it had been anyone but me. I may have an undying affection for his sneer, but it didn't make me much of a reviewer, nor did it make me very articulate.

But, if you ever wondered what this humble Cinematical blogger sounded like, or were compelled to know what I thought of Gran Torino, RocknRolla, Joaquin Phoenix's rap career, and recasting Mr. Miyagi, go check it out. It can be just one more thing to do while everyone else is at Sundance, and at least you have the thoughts of David Chen, Adam Quigley, and Devindra Hardawar to balance out my nervous ramblings.
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