"Gee, sorry Dude -- I just didn't like the film is all."

We're a little late to the party with this one since, ya know, we were actually busy watching films at this here film festival (go figure), but apparently there was a real-life film critic fist fight ... and yes, it's okay to laugh about that. Here's what I've been hearing from several different people today: Following a screening of the film Dirt, John Anderson (critic for Variety, Newsday, New York Times etc ..) found himself on the annoying end of a discussion with one of the producer's reps -- a dude who happens to actually be the real The Dude, Jeff Dowd.

Well, Anderson said what he had to say -- that he wasn't crazy about certain aspects of the film -- but Dowd -- clearly realizing they probably wouldn't receive a good review from this guy --continued to follow him in an attempt to have a conversation about Dirt, to flesh it out a little bit. Anderson wanted no part of said conversation, and after Dowd pushed his thoughts further, Anderson decided to just up and punch him in the face ... twice. One imagines there may have been other ways to solve that problem, but I assume Anderson comes from the school of thought that says, "You wanna talk, then talk to the fist." (Ya know, that's how we film critics roll.) Since I wasn't there and have no idea whether Dowd personally insulted Anderson's wife/sister/girlfriend/unborn child prior to punches being thrown, I can't say which man was in the right here. I do know, however, that it's pretty lame to punch some guy in the face just for trying to talk to you, no matter how annoying he is. But that's Sundance. And trust me, from experience, I can tell you there are more d*cks here than in the Superbowl locker room.