Exclusive Trailer For 'Up' from Sony Insider on Vimeo.

PIXAR just never gives us a break. Up is on the May horizon as we're still reeling from Wall E, and every piece of footage that pops online just makes the film appear that much more charming. This bootleg "trailer" was posted on Vimeo, and was shown at Sony's CES Keynote for the year, and as it could end up being yanked, don't wait to watch. It's beautiful and adorable -- I'm not usually a fan of PIXAR's human animation, but their chubby Boy Scout has won me over.

If you're wondering why Sony is showing PIXAR footage, it's to do with the film being made in 3-D, which is done via Sony's SXRD projectors. PIXAR hasn't left the Disney banner for another studio.

[via /film]