With the end of that pesky lawsuit, things are once again heating up for Zack Snyder's Watchmen. First we got the new TV spot, and now www.thenewfrontiersman.net is posting a whole slew of "declassified" information. It begins with the picture of the Minutemen that we saw back in May, and continues on with pictures of the Doomsday Clock and Mothman getting arrested (look up), plus Senate Committee testimony and Incident Reports.

This whole adaptation has been a tricky beast to contain, and I must say that Snyder is doing a heck of a job -- releasing not only nibblets for fan appetites, but also introducing newbies to the world. This is the first time I've been inundated with pieces of a film and not gotten turned off, but even more excited. I'm sure that this has something to do with the fact that these historic pieces, and the other fan morsels, are small revelations about the film and story, rather than marketing gimmicks to pique our interest without directly connecting to the film itself (Cloverfield). Thoughts?
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