Just in case audiences are too weighed down by her turn in the uber drama My Sister's Keeper, Abigail Breslin, the wonder of Little Miss Sunshine, is adding three more films to her roster.

Variety reports that the young actress has signed on for a role in Gore Verbinski's Rango, plus voice gigs in The Wild Bunch and possibly Zombieland. You might remember that Rango involves Johnny Depp playing a household pet who sets out to discover his true self. There's no word on who Breslin would play, but since she's starring opposite the pirate dynamo, I imagine that it would be either a fellow pet itching for an adventure, or a young girl who doesn't want her pet to run off on a mission of self discovery.

But beyond that, there's the voice role of the lead in The Wild Bunch, which isn't a gun-toting remake, but rather an animated film about some common wildflowers and plants that are attacked by pesky, genetically modified cornstalks. And finally, Breslin is in negotiations to join the horror comedy Zombieland. If she signs on the dotted line, she'll play one of the con-artist sisters (along with Emma Stone) who comes across two men itching to fight the zombies -- Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg.

With this mix, Breslin should continue a pretty stellar career for a young thing -- one that mixes lucrative mainstream work with some rather charming alternative fare. It's not so easy to transcend the world of Olive, but Abigail is doing a heck of a job!
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