Erik wasn't all that sure this post would prove interesting to the readership, but I politely screamed that he was wrong and decided to write it anyway. Thanks to my publicist pal Nick Tarnowski for filling my inbox with tons of "nominee reactions," which I will now share with you in their complete and unexpurgated form. Also, please be sure to leave lots of comments, just so I can tell Davis I was right. That's really all that matters.

"My heartfelt thanks to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, particularly the writers' branch, for their support. I'm thrilled that a tale so peculiar and twisted, and that was released so long ago, has stayed in their minds for so long."

- Martin McDonagh (Original screenplay -- In Bruges)

"It is very special because of this movie. I am happy 'Milk' received so many nominations and that people are paying attention. The subject matter is so timely and important right now because of what is happening in California with Prop 8. When I think about my life a few years ago, being happy just to feed my kids, never in a million years would I have imagined I would be up at 5 in the morning getting phone calls saying I was nominated for an Academy Award. There is no reality to it."

- Josh Brolin (Supporting Actor -- Milk)

"We are ecstatic and grateful for the Academy's generous and humbling recognition of 'WALL•E.' It is an honor and privilege to make films at Pixar, where we have grown into a great, big family. This is a tribute to all of us at Pixar and Disney who do our best to make films, not just animated films, but films for everyone that just happen to be animated."

- Andrew Stanton (Director -- WALL•E)