When it comes to Preacher stories, you have to check your enthusiasm and optimism at the gate -- it seems like it's closer to the big screen this time around, but plenty of names have been attached before, so take this story as you will.

We know Sam Mendes will only direct if he likes the script, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, that script now has someone to write it, as Tim Burton-favorite John August landed the tricky job of adapting the Garth Ennis series. So while he lost Shazam!, he gained Reverend Jesse Custer ... and I might be biased towards rebellious preachers who are good in a fight, but I think that's a pretty respectable trade off, don't you?

It's pretty nice to be August now, actually -- in addition to trying to officially attach Mendes, he's also been confirmed to write Burton's stop-motion remake of Frankenweenie, and he's writing the Dark Shadows remake for Burton and Johnny Depp.

Assuming Preacher goes forward from this point ... are August and Mendes the right men for the story? While both do solid work, they also strike me as a bit safe. Neither have ever tackled material as dark and twisted as Preacher. But I might be underestimating their talent for depravity, and the fact that they are "unconventional" picks as opposed to someone like Kevin Smith means this could work out in one of those perfect, fateful ways.
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