Sundance in 60 Seconds

Wednesday featured a fight between a film critic and a producer's rep that became physical -- detailed by Erik Davis -- which doesn't sound as much fun as a celebrity food fight would have been. Oh, to see Jim Carrey and Ewan MacGregor hurling cherry pies at Paris Hilton!

Deals. Norwegian Nazi zombie comedy Dead Snow proved irresistible to IFC Films; indieWIRE reports that the distributor picked up US rights. Gregg Goldstein of Movie City News noted that IFC plans a 2009 release. A little later in the day, Goldstein assessed the scene: "The reality is that by Wednesday at any Sundance, bidding wars are replaced by wars of attrition." He says that, though most buyers are heading home, "people seem happy the films are good ... slower sales will mean better deals on films likely to have legs with audiences."

Reviews/Interview. James Rocchi talked to Ratatouille voicer Patton Oswalt about his starring role in Robert Siegel's sports drama Big Fan, which Erik Davis, an admitted "die hard Giants fan," says is more about fandom than football; it's "full of real life and complicated characters." As to John Krasinki's Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, our not-hideous-at-all man Scott Weinberg thinks it's an "aimless, pretentious mess," so Krasinski should probably keep his day job at The Office. Scott much preferred Scott Sanders' blaxploitation spoof Black Dynamite ("Feels like one of those eminently quotable comedies that frat guys and movie geeks will come back to time and again"). Check out all of Cinematical's coverage at the Sundance Hub on Moviefone.

Blog Talk. You want to hear more about the fight, don't you? Plus critical reactions to a baby movie, texting during Indiana Jones, and more.