Some retro adaptations I get. Making Charlie's Angels for the big screen, for example, made sense. You get some arse-kicking women together, and you make them defeat fun foes, like an old weird dude who likes to sniff hair. But sometimes, it seems like Hollywood is really out of touch with reality.

Variety reports that we're about to get another group of icons from our retro past -- namely, Tom and Jerry. In an attempt to capitalize on the Alvin and the Chipmunks fame, Warner Bros. is reinvigorating Tom and Jerry, bringing the determined cat and taunting mouse to the world of CG characters in live-action settings. Dan Lin (who is currently executive producing Terminator: Salvation) is adapting the Hanna-Barbera story to tell us the origins of our epic cat and mouse -- specifically, just how their rivalry began, and how the pair get lost in Chicago and have to help each other get home.

At least I get the Chipmunks. They're holiday icons, and easily recognizable for younger generations. But Tom and Jerry? These cats were around when I was a wee tyke in the '70s, and even well before that. That was 3 decades ago. Is this really the wave of the future? Tom and Jerry? I guess Hollywood really has run out of ideas.
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