Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that adores animated animals and loves sequels, so combine the two and we're totally in business. Last week we asked you to churn out some funny for a photo from the new film Inkheart, in theaters this weekend. Congrats to our two valiant winners!

1. "With a sense of dread, he realized he'd glanced at the Miss March's "childhood" picture right before he'd read her out of the magazine." CP

2. "Now tell me again why your autograph is supposed to make this more valuable?" -- BP

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This week we're reuniting with our friends Elliot and Boog for the sequel to their ultra successful Open Season -- named, appropriately, Open Season 2, which arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD on January 27. The two crazy cats behind our favorite captions this week will take home one Open Season 2 BluRay DVD, one Open Season 2 book, one Open Season 2 script page signed by Jane Krakowski and one Open Season 2 script page signed by Joel McHale. Sound off below ...

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