If you were getting sick of seeing Keira Knightley reveling in the world of period pieces, here's a feature for you: Variety reports that both she and Colin Farrell have signed on to star in London Boulevard -- the directorial debut of Departed screenwriter William Monahan.

Based on the novel by Ken Bruen (that Monahan nabbed almost a year ago), the film will focus on a criminal in South London (Farrell), who has just finished doing time in prison for assault. He gets a gig as a loan shark enforcer for a while until he finally finds a new, legitimate job -- handyman for a reclusive young actress (Knightley). This doesn't sound like the sort of gig an ex-criminal would get, but as per usual, it all comes down to the hormones. As Booklist describes it, she's "eager to reward him with cash, cars, and sex."

But don't expect some sort of sexy Basic Instinct movie. He might get the job, but there's also much more London underbelly and revenge drama to add into the mix. Still, it'll be a bit of a change for Knightley, who usually gets to play the paramour, but never the modern-day rich woman looking for a boytoy. We know Farrell can do "bad boy" pretty well, but what about Knightley?
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