Rhona Mitra"I love a good fight and I love a good lovin'."

Rhona Mitra has tamed Scott Wolf on 'Party of Five,' sparred with James Spader on 'Boston Legal' and embodied the character of sexy adventurer Lara Croft long before Angelina Jolie -- and now Rhona Mitra is hitting the big screen to kick some werewolf (and vampire) butt in 'Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans.'

Sure, Mitra bears an uncanny resemblance to Kate Beckinsale, who preceded her in the first two 'Underworld' films -- but its her ability to tap into her innner "warrior," a memorable encounter with Judi Dench at the age of 7 and a knack for getting into trouble that make the British-bred actress the badass action heroine she is today. -- By Tom DiChiara

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