Our search engine and Google refuse to provide me with our last update on the return of The Shadow (I know one was published in the last month or so!) but I am sure you remember that Sam Raimi acquired the rights to The Street and Smith Roster of pulp heroes, and has been working to bring a new adaptation of The Shadow to the big screen for a few years now.

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caught up with Michael Uslan for an update on the project. Uslan has promised that the latest version would be a brand new take on the character -- and Uslan's cryptic description might leave visions of The Spirit dancing in your heads. "I think the one thing going in is we all see The Shadow as more of a force of nature than a specific person in a secret identity. The Shadow may actually be many people." But they're also doing the proper research to stay true to the character. "We've gone back to the pulp roots, the comic book roots of The Shadow, with a dash of the radio roots. But we've deeply ensconced ourselves in the world of pulps and comics."
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