A lot has changed in the last decade. In the late '90s, Toronto was a hopping, up-and-coming film town, with the city doubling as just about every New York landmark. Mega Mayor Mel Lastman led the charge, and was so pro-movies that you could even catch his face on the big screen before some films started rolling. (A startling inclusion, I assure you.) Then 9/11, SARS, and the strengthened Canadian dollar, and productions started staying stateside.

But now The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Toronto's current Mayor, David Miller, has been touring studios in Los Angeles, attempting to woo them back to the northern city. His pieces of woo: a promise to charge 78 cents for every Canadian dollar spent on city services, the new Filmport studios, and the fact that the Canadian dollar is back down to 80 cents. "Toronto has a good reputation in the U.S. We're safe, we're well organized. Our unions are true partners, and a number of producers have had positive experiences in the city," he said.

In these times, I imagine money would be enough of an incentive, although studios will also have to deal with disgruntled US workers. Then again, as long as the film is good, will audiences care? I mean, we've forgiven a lot over the years in order to indulge in solid entertainment, so I can't see this being a problem.

But only time will tell if more will be added to the cinematic list that includes: American Psycho, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, X-Men, Police Academy, Mean Girls, Adventures in Babysitting... What's your favorite Toronto-shot film?
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