What is Ink? Ink is evidently an independent fantasy film from Denver-based filmmaker Jamin Winans, who made his feature debut with the little-seen but decently reviewed action flick 11:59 in 2005. It looks like an unholy marriage of Night Watch and Pan's Labyrinth. And frankly it looks awesome -- or at the very least it has one slick trailer, which you can watch above or over on YouTube in HD. The film's equally slick official site is here.

The story involves forces of good and evil that work on us through our dreams, and a young girl who gets trapped in the dream world and has to be rescued. If nothing else, the film looks to be bursting with visual ideas, from the incredibly creepy nightmare-bringers with the glass plates over their faces, to whoever those dudes with the glowing eyes are.

Ink premieres tonight, January 23rd, at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, and will have more showings over the next week. It doesn't have a distributor yet, but I demand to see it. (Perhaps a midnight appearance at SXSW in March is in the cards?) Imaginative fantasy on a shoestring budget? Sign me up!

A tip of the hat to Film School Rejects for digging this up. I hadn't heard of it! If anyone catches Ink in Santa Barbara, drop us a line to say how it is.