Well before Watchmen even went into production, we knew that a killer soundtrack would be involved -- not only because the graphic novel's universe revels in a slightly different form of pop culture, but because Zack Snyder is pretty into the world of cinematic music. Just a year ago, I wrote about Snyder raving about the lounge wonders of Richard Cheese, and wondered if that was a hint for things to come. It was merely wishful thinking, but I'm very happy to report that even without some campy lounge, this is going to be one hell of a soundtrack.

Three days before the film hits theaters, Sci Fi Wire reports that Warner Bros. will release two discs -- the soundtrack and the original score. Considering the huge number of people that will see this film, I can only hope that this inspires a new wave of retro apprectiation (sort of like Wayne's World and "Bohemian Rhapsody"). There's the hauntingly melodic "The Sound of Silence," some iconic Nat King Cole with "Unforgettable," "Pirate Jenny," which will grace the end credits of Tales From the Black Freighter, and my personal favorite -- the wonderfully haunting and pretty much perfect "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen.

But that's not all -- aside from these tunes, fans can pick up Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic on Blu-ray, and also watch out for a special Watchmen Music Collectors Edition later in the month which will go retro with picture discs. If you're a fan of this whole production, I suggest you start saving your pennies now. I think a lot of promotional trinkets will be headed our way.

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