Don't worry, this isn't about some lust-filled obsession with pirates and Abigail Adams. You might remember that back in August, word hit that Mark Ruffalo was gearing up for his directorial debut, Sympathy for Delicious. At the time, Ruffalo and screenwriter Chris Thornton were set to star alongside James Franco. However, after the loss of Ruffalo's brother last month, the project was put on hold.

But now Delicious is back on, Franco is out, and The Hollywood Reporterposts that Orlando Bloom (Franco's replacement) and Laura Linney are in. The film focuses on a paralyzed DJ (Thornton) trying to survive on the streets of Los Angeles when he develops the ability to cure the sick -- but only other people, not himself. He starts to cash in on his new talents, and finds himself between a Jesuit priest (Ruffalo) who tries to help him, and the lead of a "tough as nails" band (Bloom) who wants to exploit him. Linney is playing the band's manager.

Man ... Orlando Bloom as an uber-tough rock star. That is something I just can't imagine. Is Bloom a good replacement for Franco? Can Orlando pull off the "tough as nails" image? Any bets on the likelihood of "Sympathy for the Devil" being on the soundtrack? Weigh in below!
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