I meant to post these early last week, but with the Sundance Film Festival absorbing practically all of my time these past 10 days, I never got around to it. Thus, this could be extremely old news and/or serve as a reminder to pick up your pair of free 3D glasses for the special 3D Monsters vs. Aliens trailer during the Superbowl. I picked these up over at the Albertsons supermarket here in Park City, Utah, and there were stacks of them (with four pairs to a sheet) just sitting in a display case down one of the aisles. One imagines you'll also be able to find these at one of your local supermarkets, so keep an eye out.

Once you've obtained the glasses, though, you'll need to make sure to tune in at the end of the second quarter (ie: right before halftime) in order to watch the 3D commercial. Those who don't have the glasses will also be able to watch the trailer, just without a bunch of Monsters and Aliens running through their living room. We've placed a larger image of these glasses in the gallery below so you know what to look for. We'll be back after the Superbowl to get your thoughts on not only the 3D trailer, but all the new trailers premiering on game day. Monsters vs. Aliens hits theaters on March 27.

UPDATED: Did you miss any of the Superbowl movie trailers? Head over here to check them all out.

UPDATED: Check out the Monsters vs. Aliens Superbowl commercial in 3D below ...