Well, it would appear as if the harsh economic times are beginning to hurt our much-anticipated superhero sequels, as Variety reports that some actors are having to accept huge paycuts. With the exception of dudes like Will Smith and Johnny Depp (who still earn their ridiculously high quotes), everyone else in Hollywood is beginning to feel the hurt. For example, Variety says that the opening offer to Mickey Rourke for his villainous role in Iron Man 2 was a whopping $250,000 from Marvel. And while I'm sure we'd all love to make that kind of money for a gig, understand that for an Oscar-nominated actor enjoying a huge comeback year ... well, that's kind of insulting -- especially since we're talking Iron Man 2 and not some small, no-budget indie.

But it's these kinds of lowball offers that are also turning some actors away. Marvel attempted to pull the same sorta thing with Samuel L. Jackson, who was supposed to return to the big screen as Nick Fury, but the man walked claiming he'll never play the character for that money. [Raises hand] I'll play him ...

Here's my question to you, though: Should some of these actors suck it up and take less money if it makes their fans happy, or should they stick to their guns and hold out for the chunk of change they think they deserve?
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