It was only a matter of time. Over and over, we keep seeing the third dimension utilized for action, fantasy, and the films created to elicit ooohs and aaahs by moviegoers. And now it will be used to show us the peaks and valleys of the human form as if they're right there in front of us, which will certainly deliver an entirely different set of ooohs and aaahs.

reports that Hong Kong is gearing up for a sequel to Sex and Zen. The original, which was based on an erotic Chinese novel called The Carnal Prayer Mat, focused on a horny scholar who teaches his new virgin wife the wonders of sex, and then goes out and gets a new horse's penis and partakes in a sexual rampage whilst leaving his wife unfulfilled. Like the first, this will be a tale of excess leading to tragedy, but I think that's all inconsequential compared to the possibility that the big screen will see equine body parts jutting out of the screen. Then again, that's some excess that could, very certainly, lead to tragedy.

The project has a $3.9 million budget attached, will star actresses from Taiwan and Japan, and should be ready for the masses in December. Are you ready for 3-D to enter the world of sex?
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