The InternationalClive Owen and Naomi Watts will answer your questions.

Once upon a time, Clive Owen, who starred in 'Sin City' and was mentioned as a possible replacement for Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, seemed destined to become the next action-movie superstar.

That hasn't quite happened yet, but he's got a good shot with his new movie 'The International' (opens Feb. 13), in which he stars as an Interpol agent investigating a corrupt conglomerate bank. (Bit of trivia: "Interpol" stands for International Criminal Police Organization.)

Banking sound a little boring to you? It shouldn't. Joining up with Owen is the ever-lovely Naomi Watts as a New York district attorney, and directing them both is Tom Tykwer, who shot to attention with 'Run, Lola, Run,' a movie that made us all realize we ought to start hitting the gym more.

Clive Owen and Naomi Watts will be giving us all an eye-candy tease when they sit down to tape an Unscripted interview for 'The International.' It's taping this Thursday, Jan. 29, and we need your questions to make it happen -- so run, [your name], run and submit your query for either Owen, Watts or both in the comments section below. Please be sure to include your first name and the city where you live.

Visit here on Monday, Feb. 9, to see if your question made the cut. Thanks, and good luck!

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