"He" might not be that into you, but are you into more angelic action? According to Marc Malkin's blog over at E Online, Drew Barrymore is itching to have more fun as an Angel and bring the world Charlie's Angels 3.

But this isn't just a little murmur of hope; her producing partner Nancy Juvonen says: "It's percolating up. It's rising to the surface." Right now, ideas being tossed around include introducing a fourth, Cheryl Ladd-like Angel to the cast, and coming up with a new bad guy.

Oh, where to start? Well, the obvious big question: Who will direct this? McG helmed the first two goofy instalments, but I'm pretty darned sure that #3 is going to lure him away from the world of Terminators and post-apocalyptic action. With a new director, we'll get a whole new feel for the Angels.

That's not so terrible, since improvements would be nice and so much has changed as it is. When this all started, we were just entering a new millennium, Tom Green was Drew's beloved beau, Bill Murray was having wonderful sumo fights with Tim Curry, and the Thin Man (Crispin Glover) was making life difficult for the Angels. Fast-forward three years and Green's vamoose, Murray made way for Bernie Mac, Shia LaBeouf entered the picture, Thin Man got depth, and new baddies entered the fold, like the sadistically campy and wonderful Seamus O'Grady (Justin Theroux).
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