In his continued quest to pursue proud family-friendly mediocrity, Eddie "Meet Dave" Murphy seems to be starring in a comic fantasy about a workaholic dad (Murphy) who neglects his pweecoshus daughter (Yara Shahidi) until imaginative elements of her creation begin to have an effect on his career. Is it called Bedtime Stories? No. Is it called Liar Liar? Nuh-uh. Is it called The Santa Clause? Nope, it's actually called Imagine That, and I'm afraid it's coming our way without a surprise in store.

Trailer Addict has the first footage from it (embedded below), and while it doesn't look necessarily bad (not Norbit bad, I mean), it does come off as an exceedingly bland effort for Murphy to mug and just act generally goofy at every turn. Normally, I'd insist that most moviegoers are above this (Meet Dave's theatrical gross fell under $12 million last summer), but Kevin James Falls Down, Goes Boom has just raked in $65 million to date, so, in the words of Kate Capshaw, anything goes.

Imagine That -- formerly called Nowhereland, perhaps too apt to describe Murphy's current career trajectory -- opens on June 12th.