Seth Rogen's revival of The Green Hornetmay not see the light of day. You remember, of course, that Stephen Chow left the director's chair. It was then rumored that he might not even play Kato due to commitments to a Jack Black superhero comedy. Sony was hunting frantically for a director to make that spring shooting schedule, but no replacement has been found.

Now the usually reliable Drew McWeeny of HitFix is reporting what we have long suspected -- that you may be hearing the death knell of the Green Hornet. With Chow dropping out, Sony began to hesitate. Rumors flew at Sundance that the film was dead and McWeeny reports that if it isn't yet, it probably will be soon.

The Green Hornet has been in and out of development for years. George Clooney famously headed up one almost-but-not-quite attempt, as did Kevin Smith. McWeeney notes that "if this particular configuration doesn't happen, then I suspect it never will," which I have to agree with. If Rogen fails, he can at least take some pride that Clooney and Smith failed before him ... but it has to sting (pun not intended), especially after all that physical training he's put in. We'll watch and see what happens -- and I'll be curious if there's more cheering or weeping in the comments.
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