Every year I leave Park City, Utah with a couple films I'm more than willing to champion the hell out of so that more folks pay attention and try to watch them when they finally become available. For me, one of those films this year was The Cove. I've been explaining it to people as the Dear Zachary of nature documentaries, and I wasn't the only one blown away by this flick as it took home the audience award at Sundance in the U.S. Documentary Competition section.

You can read Scott's review over here, but essentially The Cove follows a group of people who travel to this remote part of Japan where they're supposedly slaughtering 23,000 dolphins each year. And while the Japanese law enforcement does all they can to keep folks away from the truth, this rag-tag group of scientists, swimmers and adventurers risk their lives to uncover an atrocity the world needs to know more about. No word on when The Cove will hit theaters (I spoke with one of the guys last night and he said they're still negotiating a deal), but you can check out the trailer below ... and you bet your ass I'll be back to remind you about this flick later in the year.