There's not much that I love more than the comedic mind of Christopher Guest. No man, not even retro Mel Brooks, has made me cry with laughter like Guest -- the wacky dancing of Corky St. Clair, the dysfunctional yuppiedom of the Swans, the bleary sadness of Mitch Cohen, and the plastic surgery of Marilyn Hack. But For Your Consideration might be the end.

In a discussion with MTV, Jane Lynch revealed some good, and not so good news about the world-o-Guest. On the bright side, it seems like Waiting for Guffman might be headed to Broadway, which is just about the best idea to come out of the world of movies-on-Broadway. Unfortunately, she also says that she thinks Guest's done making movies: "I haven't heard any rumblings. Parker Posey and I have put our heads together and decided we think it might be over." Granted, this is only rumor at this point, but while I'd be terribly saddened by it being confirmed, I wouldn't be surprised.

But I'd rather see him go out on top. For Your Consideration had some brilliant moments, but it wasn't the film his previous efforts were. I've always held out hope that one of these days, he'd bring wife Jamie Lee Curtis into the fold, so hopefully he's not done yet. But if he is, maybe we can at least see the old cast come together for the first run of Guffman on Broadway? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would travel anywhere and give my first born for the chance to see Guest, Eugene Levy, David Cross, Parker Posey, Catherine O'Hara, Fred Willard, Larry Miller, Bob Balaban, Matt Keeslar, Don Lake, Michael Hitchcock, and Deborah Theaker reprise their roles on the stage. But if not, and Lynch got her wish to be in Guffman, who should she play?
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