Boys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the latest Megan Fox rumor has been shot down by the actress herself.

Latino Review first brought the rumor (which apparently originated in Spain) that Megan Fox was in line to revive the Tomb Raider franchise. It seems only natural, since Fox is slowly becoming Angelina 2.0.

However, the rumor machine was wrong again, just like when Fox was reportedly set to become Wonder Woman. io9 contacted her spokesperson, who denied Fox was involved with Tomb Raider in any way, shape, or form.

I breathe a sigh of relief at this, as Lara Croft is a character rather near and dear to my heart. I've cherished a secret hope they would revive the films (and even wrote about it, which I'm kind of embarrassed about in retrospect). Fox may be hot, but she's no Lara. And if io9 is actually going to champion her for the part, then I'll start my own grassroots campaign and champion Rhona Mitra. Not only was she the original Lara Croft model (here's some photos, you're welcome), but she's racking up a respectable B-movie action career. The best part? She's actually British, so no wonky accents.

Anyway, I sincerely doubt there will ever be another Tomb Raider film (and I don't even know if there ever should be)
but Fox's fan base is such that we must report all rumors and rumblings. Meanwhile, here's her gallery. You're welcome.

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