It feels like ages ago since I first watched it, but really it's only been about two weeks. Mary and Max, the opening night film of this year's Sundance Film Festival, is a fantastic darkly-comedic claymation flick about two pen pals -- one old and one young -- who discover one another and go on to forge a life-long friendship. I'll admit the film is not for everyone; the tone is definitely a bit darker than what you'd expect from a cutesy-looking claymation story -- but if you like your movies a little sideways, then I can't see why you wouldn't have fun with Mary and Max.

From my Sundance review: "Although a tad sappy and heavy-handed at times, Mary and Max fidgets and wiggles its way into our good spirits by the time it reaches its endearing conclusion, as we're left to examine not just the relationships we have in our lives, but the ones we have with ourselves, too." No word yet one when you can catch Mary and Max either in the theater or at home, but we'll let you know as more develops. In the meantime, check out the first trailer below (courtesy of Collider).

Oh, and believe it or not but that old Jewish voice with the New York accent belongs to Philip Seymour Hoffman.