Okay, while I'm totally interested in showing you a little more of the Sundance hit 500 Days of Summer, I have to admit that this post is dedicated to one person and one person only: Cinematical's Managing Editor, Mr. Scott Weinberg. Long story short: Throughout the festival, us dudes (and dudettes) would from time to time throw around our favorite lines from the films screening in Park City. My favorite line comes from the film World's Greatest Dad, and it's unfortunately a little too filthy to repeat here. However, Weinberg's favorite line ... well, let's just say that when this clip from 500 Days of Summer popped up over on Collider, I simply had to post it for him.

Here's the set up: Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character works with Zooey Deschanel's character, and they've just started to get to know each other a little better around the office. Weinberg's favorite line is spoken by Deschanel and it's the last thing you'll hear in this clip. Oh 500 Days of Summer ... how I cannot wait to watch you again in theaters on July 24th.