Are you sick and tired of Asian ghost stories? Me, too! Actually, not so much the true originals -- the Japanese Ringu scared the daylights out of me -- as the boring, sanitized American remakes, which have made the iconic "girl with long black hair" something to be yawned at rather than feared. But people still love ghost stories, so why not have fun with them? Something like a "CGI kiddie-horror movie from the guys who made Ong Bak"?

Nak just screened at the Rotterdam film fest, and Ard Vijn of Twitch says it's "more inspired by Miyazaki than by Dragonball Z." Produced by Prachya Pinkaew, who directed the high-flying, high-kicking Tony Jaa in Ong Bak, the animated flick features the title character, "inarguably Thailand's most famous ghost," as well as our friend Sadako from The Ring and the closet-dwelling little boy from The Grudge.

The trailer features everything you'd want: kids, ghosts, martial arts, and a crooning animal singer (?!). (Hattip to Wise Kwai, who found it.) Nak was released in its native Thailand last April, where Wise Kwai reviewed it in his Thai Film Journal: "Western fast food is derided as 'Rotten Burger.' Fat-cat ghosts wheel about in their luxury cars, with zombie schoolgirls decked out in too-tight white blouses and too-short black skirts ... Another cute female ghost is the banana tree ghost, who wears a yellow tube top and wields bananas as weapons." Hmm, I could use a banana tree ghost to deal with those unruly kids in my apartment complex.

Of course, there's no word on US distribution, but may I suggest a title change? In the same spirit that made Ringu into The Ring, how about changing Nak into The Nak? Might make all the difference in the world. The official web site has more info.