Just what you need to spend some extra money on during these tough economic times, check out this very cool (and old school) military camera that was "delivered" for a Vietnam War reporter. I'm not sure if that means it was used during the Vietnam War or if it was simply created (but not used) for reporters during that time -- but either way it's a pretty nifty looking device. The camera's eBay page (where you can bid on it for six more days or buy it now for $1,318.00) claims it's a Paillard Bolex H8 Mi Gun Outfit, and that it comes "with [a] case and 5x lenses Kino-Plasmat 1,5/1/2 Inch, Wollensak f.3,5/1,5 Inch, 2,8/3 inch Trioplan Meyer New York, Wollensak 2,5/1/2 inch include wide Angle Attachment and Elgeet 1,9/1/2 inch." Something tells me this brings an all new meaning to the phrase, "Get ready to shoot that scene." Check out some larger images of the camera in the gallery below, then feel free to head on over to the official eBay page when you're done. Anyone up for the purchase?

[via The Awesomer]