No sooner does Neil Gaiman win the Newberry Award for The Graveyard Book than the movie deal is announced. CHUD got the scoop from The Today Show and Gaiman's Twitter that none other than Neil Jordan is being tapped to direct the big screen adaptation.

I still haven't gotten my hot hands on a copy of this book (and I must rectify this right away), but the premise is awesome, and the reviews have been gushing. Graveyard is a neat spin on the classic The Jungle Tale. A young boy escapes from his crib one night and wanders into a graveyard -- and on that same night, his entire family is wiped out by an assassin named Jack. The young child is taken in by some kindly ghosts who christen him Nobody, and protect him from the dangers of the outside, living world. There's a trailer for the book on, but I think this is a story you should experience as freshly as possible. In other words, just buy the book as soon as you can.

Nothing has been officially announced in the trades yet, and no other details of the film or Jordan's involvement are known, except that UK FX company Framestore will be doing the effects. Jordan is certainly a great choice for the material, as his Gothic gloom is classier than anyone else's.
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