I think I scared the living crap out of the UPS man when I swung the door open, so enthusiastic was I to get my gore-lovin' paws on the new Friday the 13th DVDs he brought me. Some cinephiles have deep and unshakable affections for Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, and Gone with the Wind (all fine films, I guess), but if you want to drown me in a pool of comfy nostalgia, all you need to do is toss Halloween or Friday the 13th into the DVD player. And then just leave the room. Oooh, could you get me a soda please?

I haven't even began diving into the three DVDs (you can get your own copies on Tuesday, these ones are mine), but I thought it might be fun to offer a quick breakdown and then scuttle back to my DVD player. So here you go:

Friday the 13th "Uncut" Deluxe Edition -- Precisely the same as the UK edition, which basically means that the demises of Annie and Marcie are a bit nastier. The (rather solid) audio commentary is also a snag from the R2 DVD, but the rest of the goodies look to be allllllll new: A reunion panel from a recent horror convention, a nifty batch of fresh interviews, the original theatrical trailer, and a rather, uh, goofy short film called "Tales from Camp Blood - Part 1."

Friday the 13th Part 2 Deluxe Edition -- No commentary to speak of (apparently director Steve Miner refuses to talk about this franchise) and no extra gore gushings (darnit!), three decent featurettes (on conventions, Jasons, and Peter Bracke's excellent book), and the original theatrical trailer. And "Tales from Camp Blood - Part 2."
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