Tomb Raider is one of those franchises that always caused far too much angst. Both films were mediocre; neither was offensively bad. Neither was a monumental box office smash and neither was a flop. Yet there was constantly drama. I remember online critics crying foul over being shut out of the first film for some unfathomable reason. Angelina and AirbrushedNippleGate. People flipping out and calling Cradle of Life one of the worst movies of all time, or some such nonsense. Seriously: these movies aren't worth it. Everyone chill.

In keeping with that attitude, I invite you to greet with indifference the following announcement: Tomb Raider is coming back. Without Angelina Jolie (and as far as we know without Megan Fox), and it's not clear when, but soon. Warner Bros. is rebooting the franchise (originally a Paramount property) along with Terminator: Salvation producer Dan Lin. The new film is billed as a "reimagining" that will be nothing like the originals. No director or star have been tapped, but apparently it's been decided that this cash cow hasn't been sufficiently milked.

With that I'll solicit casting suggestions and speculation in the comments. First person who says "Megan Fox" gets a wedgie.